Exhibiting & Useful Tips

Stamp Exhibitions are an opportunity for the collector to show people what they collect, as the area of philately is huge: stamps, post cards, postal history, stationery etc, let alone traditional, thematics, machins, revenues etc within stamps. Most collectors have their stamp collections in albums or boxes etc which they enjoy going through themselves or with a few friends.

The next step is to give a talk which forces you to put your material on pages for display. So be prepared to have your arm twisted (only slightly) Wink

We collect stamps because we enjoy the hobby. If we can help others, especially the general public, enjoy the hobby by showing them our collections and what one can do, then we have achieved something else. It also allows us to compare our collections to those of others, to see what we are missing in our collection or how we might improve it.


General tips and guidelines for exhibiting: General tips            Title Page              Presentation


Creating a Synopsis     Synopsis

Tips and guidelines for Traditional:


Tips and guides for Thematic:


Tips and guides for Postal History:  Postal history


Tips and guides for Postcards: Postcard tips