Christchurch (N.Z.) Philatelic Society (Inc)


The Christchurch (NZ) Philatelic Society (Inc)., CPS, is dedicated to promote philately and philatelic interests not just in Christchurch but also in North and Central Canterbury. We welcome those who are starting out on the hobby to old hands.

CPS aims to bring enjoyment to the hobby as well as encouraging the study and advancement of all aspects of the hobby and its related fields. It has a large library to accommodate everyone from the novice wanting to find information to the serious studier.

CPS has a wide range of sub-groups that explore the different aspects of Philately.

CPS had its origins in 1910 and was incorporated in 1911, making it the second oldest Philatelic Society in New Zealand. See the history of CPS by clicking the “History” tab.

CPS is located at the Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch. CPS meets here every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm and the sub groups meet here on a regular basis.




Members, you are encouraged to participate by bringing part of your collecting interest, with either a brief talk or silent display, relating to anything of the above letters . The more members that participate the merrier! If your collecting interests include any type of philatelic material (mail, stamps, cinderallas, post cards, ephemera etc) bring it along and share your passion and joy with others.

“Stamp Collecting dispels boredom, enlarges our vision, broadens our knowledge, makes us better citizens and in innumerable ways, enriches our lives"

- President F D Roosevelt