NZ Stamp Collectors Club 75th

The New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club turns 75 in 2019!

To celebrate the occassion Canpex Inc along with the NZ Stamp Collectors Club is holding a NZSCC 75th Anniversary Exhibition on August 31, from 9a.m. tp 4p.m.. The exhibition will be held at the Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch.

Download the entry form: NZSCC75EntryForm

Download the propectus: NZSCC75Prospectus

Dinner: Dinner Ticket Purchase

Step Up

The exhibition is not only to help the NZ Stamp Collectors Club celebrate their 75th anniversary. There is another activity, a seminar for those collectors who might appreciate an opportunity to “step up.” This might be to put together a first exhibit, or to expand /rewrite an existing exhibit, or to get more involved with an event such as an exhibition, or maybe just to have a relaxed weekend mixing with other stamp and postcard collectors.

It isn’t necessary to have an exhibit to be thought about, as we can accommodate just a collection of related material and see what might be done with it.  Brainstorming ! I have done with this with one of my own “accumulations” and received some useful ideas.

The details regarding venue, times to be present, costs (minimal) etc are contained in the prospectus.

If you have any queries, please send me an email at or ring me at 03 3848463 or 0274367202

As the coordinator for the seminar aspects of the weekend, I would appreciate it if you could reply sooner rather than later, as we are limited to about 20 people. If you aren’t able to come, please let me know as someone else may be invited to take your place.

The seminar aspect is an invitation-only event, so you are one of the chosen few!! We are hoping to get a good group of exhibitors who have moved out of youth ranks, so please think about it.

The "step up" session will start at 9am on Saturday 31 August. The upstairs meeting room will be the venue. We will finish about 4pm. "Step up" will continue on the Sunday from 9am to lunchtime.. 

We will still have 'competitive' exhibits, but no awards will be given, just a useful written critique.They don't need to be formal exhibits; might just be something you want some ideas on about what to do or do next.

This might be a good opportunity to think about what to do with material you have, and we will also do the written critiques then.